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Softub Parts Update: New Air Control Design

2012: New Softub Air Control Design

Since June, 2012, all new Hydropacks include a new air control design. These new air control units have a 90° elbow in place of the 45° elbow on older models.

There are clear benefits to this new design:

• If you push in on the external tubing, you won’t be able to pop the upper control panel out of place.
• There is more tubing, so you will have more play as you attach the Hydropack tubing to the tub.
• The barbed ozone adapter is now inside the pack, protecting it and showing fewer parts outside the pack for a cleaner appearance.
• Because there is now a set of two tube clamps near the control panel, it can be removed more easily.

Because the barbed ozone adapter and hose are now located within the pack, Hydropacks with and without ozone will look the same from outside.

This new air control is interchangeable with the old air control. New air controls may be ordered to service older Hydropacks.

New Softub Air Control Design

Old Softub Air Control Design

New Softub Air Control With Ozone

Old Softub Air Control With Ozone

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