Softub Parts Update: Avoiding/Handling A Broken Solenoid Barbed Ozone Adapter

2010: Caution Removing The Barbed Solenoid Ozone Adapter

Remove Ozone Hoses From The Solenoid Before Removing It From The Control Box!

When you begin work on your Hydropack, please remember to disconnect all hoses from the solenoid first. If you manipulate the solenoid or control box without removing the hoses first, you will place a great amount of strain on the barbed adapters that hold the hoses in place. As a result, you may break a barbed adapter inside of the solenoid. If this happens, you will need to remove the broken piece (see below) and you may have to replace the solenoid.

How To Handle Or Avoid A Broken Softub Solenoid Barbed Adapter

To remove the ozone hoses, press in on the collar that surrounds the barbed adapter. The adapter will pull out easily if the collar is fully depressed. If it does not pull out easily, keep pressing the collar until it is fully depressed.

Remove The Softub Ozonator Hoses

If you try to slide the metal tray out of the black plastic control box without disconnecting the ozone hoses first, you can cause damage to the barbed adapters, perhaps breaking them off inside the solenoid.

Disconnect The Softub Ozonator Hoses Then Slide the Solenoid Out Of The Metal Tray

How To Remove Broken Barbed Adapters

If a piece of a barbed adapter becomes
stuck inside the solenoid, you can remove it by taking the following steps.

First, with a flat head screwdriver take off the
collar on the solenoid where the adapter is inserted.

 How To Remove A Broken Barbed Adapter From A Softub Solenoid

Once the collar has been removed, you can now use the same screw that is used to attach the solenoid to the control box, to remove the broken piece by threading the screw into the broken piece of the adapter. Pull the screw and the broken piece out.

Use The Solenoids Screw To Remove The Broken Softub Barbed Adapter

You may now re-insert the previously-removed collar from the solenoid.

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