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Softub Parts Update: How To Attach A Softub Filter

The following are instructions on how to attach a snap-on filter to the tub fitting.

Before you attach a snap-on filter to your Softub, you will need to warm it up. Let it float for a while in the hot water of the your tub, or run it under a hot tap until the rubber flange is pliable. Then snap over the drain as follows:

SB110 - The Softub Filter Is Installed On The Drain Nearest The Motor

Your Softub has two suction drains. Softub installs the filter on the drain cap nearest the Hydropack motor, but you may safely install your filter on either drain cap.

SB110 - How To Attach A Softub Filter

How To Attach A Softub Filter To The Side Wall

A Softub Filter Properly Attached To The Side Wall

Other Filter Tips:

  • For even better results, use 2 filters, one on
    each drain.
  • Clean your filter once a month, using a hose pressure attachment and perhaps a filter cleaning spray.
  • Remove and re-install your filter while the water in your tub is hot, to make it easier to soften the flange.
  • Replace your Softub filter at least once per year.

Make sure to choose the correct filter for your Softub:

Which Softub Filter Do I Need?

5020 Filter For Newer Softubs

5015 Filter For Older Softubs

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