Softub Chemicals And Supplies

It is not hard to get used to having a really nice home improvement spa such as a Softub. Even the best hot tubs, spas and swim spas require attention and regular maintenance. And that’s the point where most of the people make a huge mistake by not using the proper chemicals. Hence, if you want your Softtub and hot tub to work properly, you have to know what measures to take. Chlorination is the basic and most common process your tub will require to stay in shape for a long time. And it is one of the most important steps in ensuring your safety too.

What Is Chlorination?

Chlorination is a process of disinfecting water by adding a chemical called chlorine. It is a powerful substance which is efficient in killing all kinds of bacteria that can be harmful. Chlorine is essential for treating water, both drinking water and spa water to keep it safe. When it comes to spas they require some level of chlorine to prevent the development of various bacteria and algae forms.

Softub Chlor 5 lbs
Softcare Chlor 5 lbs

How Much Do You Need?

Chlorine is efficient in taking care of bacteria but it can be hazardous if you don’t follow the directions. If you follow the directions on the Softcare products that contain chlorine, you will be completely safe. When it comes to water treatment in Softubs, the best option is to use the chlorinating granules. They are quite easy to handle and you can add them precisely to get the best results. Be careful when buying chlorination products because they have to come from reliable manufacturers. This is not an area where you should try to save money because cheap products are usually not the best choice for your hot tub or your skin. Off brands could be harmful to the Softub destroying your investment -it isn’t worth the risk.

Softub Chlor 4 x 2 lbs
Softcare Chlor 4 x 2 lbs

Softcare Chlorine – The Highest Quality Chlorine

Buying the top quality chlorine for your softub, spa or a swimming pool is extremely important since the quality will influence not only the feeling of the water but also your overall health. When compared to other, less expensive, and certainly lower quality chlorines, that are usually made in China, Softub Softcare Brand Chlorine is better for your skin and spa. It is specially designed to preserve both, hot tubs and people. Once you buy the product, be sure to use it according to the instruction, and you will undoubtedly notice the difference right away, because Softub Chlorine is so effective that it can not be compared to any of the other water disinfecting agents.

Softcare Chlor Chlorinating Granules 2 lbs.
Softcare Chlor 2 lbs

There are many benefits of using our chlorine. Softub Chlorine will help ensure your spa works properly. Your filter system will be cleaner.

Softub Dosage – The Must For Every Hot Tub

A clear and uninfected water in your hot tub is something we all strive for. Only a ½ teaspoon of Softub Chlorine per 100 gallons of water is needed to make your water brilliantly clean when the pump is on. And should you decide for the super chlorination cleaning, then one teaspoon per 100 gallons of water will do the job perfectly. The process of super chlorination is best to be performed for heavily used spas and hot tubs, or if your hot tub is used moderately, then make sure to have the super chlorination at least once a week.

The final rule with everything is to follow the manufacturers guidelines and the chlorine manufacturers guidelines. It is important for your safety and the long term survival of your Softub.