Wood Surround For The Softub T-140 (4 Pieces)


The four-piece wood surround for the Softub T-140. It comes in mocha only.

Shipping is not included in this price.

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Wood Surround For The Softub T-140 (4 Pieces)

The four-piece wood surround for the Softub T-140 (in mocha color only). The T-140 is 5 feet in diameter.

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Freight charges will apply, and will vary between $125 to $250.

Note:  Color and style of deck are different than in picture shown. The picture of this deck is lighter than the deck you will receive. It will not be the redwood color shown. Mocha is the standard color: similar to the mocha color vinyl of a Softub.

You will get a total of 4 deck bench sections, which cover about 200 degrees of the softub’s 360. The benches are close to the same height as the 24″ tub. This makes it comfortable to sit on the deck and dangle your legs in the warm water.

We do not recommend the HydroPack cut-out deck piece for this small Softub. It makes it difficult to get to the HydroPack if you need to drain/move your Softub. But if you absolutely want the cut-out, give us a call and we will add it to the order for another $125. The optional 2-piece step is about 6′ in length. Add $250 for a step.

This deck is made of rugged cedar stained a mocha tint that also contains a durable sealer. No sawing or drilling will be required. The surround can be put together with a drill/driver in about 40 minutes. Comes with instructions.

This deck fits a Softub T-140, which is 5 feet across and 24″ high. The overall outside dimensions of the tub and wood when built is 7 feet.

Note: Does not include the Softub spa. Order is for wood only

You Must Call To Order This Surround

An order for this item requires that you call us to arrange payment for the product and shipping.

We will work together to arrange the most economical and efficient way to ship your surround. A signature will be required for delivery.

Please call (805) 654-9000 and ask for Jim.

Thank you.


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