Softub Spinning X-Stream Jet

$19.95 $17.95

The Newest Massage Jet From Softub. Wonderful Pulsating/Vibrating/Massaging Action.

Softub Spinning X-Stream Jet

The newest massage jet from Softub.

Wonderful pulsating/vibrating/massaging action.

This jet features a spinning “center eye” that creates a rotating blast of water. The X-Stream is fully directional so that you control how broad – or tight – the pattern of water is by easily adjusting the location of the eyeball.

Will This Jet Fit My Softub?

This jet only works with newer Softubs. If the jet wall flange you have now has 3 Softub emblems on the outer ring, then this jet will replace your existing jet.

If you have an older Softub that does not have the Softub logo on the jet flange, the price for the additional accessory parts with tools will be a total of $42.95 per jet replaced. You will need to call to order this jet retrofit kit.

No tools required.

90 day warranty on jets.


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