Softub 5010 Snap-On Short Filter For Older Softubs (4″ Drain Caps)

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Softub Snap-On Short Filter (5010). Fits a 4″ drain cap – generally for T-140 Softubs and the Softub Chameleon. Change your filter when you refill your Softub!

Softub 5010 Snap-On Short Filter For Older Softubs (4" Drain Caps)

This is the Softub brand short snap-on filter for an older Softub.

This filter will filter 25 sq. ft. and carries the Softub part number P/N 2002200. Its dimensions are 5 1/2″ deep, 6″ in diameter with an offset hole measuring approximately 3.75″. It is basically a shorter version of the 5015 snap-on filter, which is much more commonly used on older Softub spas.

If your Softub was made before 2009, there are two circumstances in which you would want to use this filter.

1. You own an older Softub 140, and want a shorter filter so that you won’t bump into it as often in this smaller tub.
2. You own one of Softub’s original tubs, the Chameleon, which had an inset cubby or niche in its extra-thick walls to hide the filter. This filter is short enough to fit within the niche (if you need a screw-on filter for this older model Softub, we have them too).

Check To Purchase The Right Filter!


To make sure you order the right filter, check the size of your drain cap. This filter will fit only Softub Spas made June, 2009 and earlier. Measure the flange that attaches the filter to your Softub’s drain cap (suction cover). The drain cap will measure 4″ and the filter’s opening will measure 3 3/4″. This filter will not fit a Softub made after June, 2009 with a 5 1/2″ drain cap. Your filter has a smaller offset filter flange.

Another way to know if this is the right filter for your Softub, is that your drain cap (suction cover) will only have 1 screw securing it to the drain wall flange.

Drain Cover With One Screw

To avoid buying the wrong filter, please be sure to measure your drain cap / suction cover. If it measures 4 inches across, then you can safely use this filter.

There Are No Exchanges Or Returns On Filters

Please take great care when selecting the right filter for your Softub: we don’t accept returns or exchanges if you choose the wrong filter. Measure both your drain cover and your filter’s collar: they will boh measure either 5 1/2 inches or 4 inches in diameter. If your drain cover is missing, you will need to install replacement parts before you can attach a filter (see below).

Directions For Use

Removing The Filter: The filter has a hard rubber neck that must be warmed to become soft and flexible before attempting to remove it from the drain cap. Not warming the filter could result in damage to your drain cap. If the tub water is cold or the tub is dry, pour some hot tap water over the filter flange to soften it before gently loosening the filter.

Installing The Filter: The filter has a hard rubber neck that must be warmed to become soft and flexible enuogh to push it onto the drain cap. Soak the filter flange in hot water in your tub or run it under hot water from your sink. Only then make the attempt to push the filter into place.

Break Your Drain Cap? If for some reason your old drain cap/suction cover breaks or cracks, you will need to replace it with a Drain Cap/Suction Cover Replacement Kit, which replaces your old 4″ drain cap with a 5 1/2″ cap. This new drain cap requires the newer 5020 Softub Filter with a larger flange.