Softub 5000 Screw-On Filter For Much Older Softubs


Screw-On 5000 Filter for older threaded T-140 Softubs and Softub Chameleons. Change your filter when you refill your Softub!

Measure Your Filter Carefully! Filters Are Non-Refundable & Non-Returnable! This filter only fits very old model Softubs that need a short, threaded filter. This is NOT a snap-on filter! See the diagrams and disclaimers below.

Softub 5000 Screw-On Filter For Much Older Softubs

This is the Softub brand 5000 filter for much older Softubs that require a threaded attachment: it has a screw-on neck and a handle on the opposite end. It has 1 x 1/2″ MPT threads.

A very long time ago, Softub used a Threaded/Screw-On filter in some of its 140 and 220 Softubs. And before that, in a prototype Softub called the Chameleon, they also used this Softub 5000 Screw On Filter within a special embedded wall niche. It’s shorter than the other Softub filters and it won’t fit Softubs on which a broken drain cap has exposed a threaded collar.

Check To Purchase The Right Filter!


This filter format is pictured above. If your existing filter is 6″ in diameter but has pleats of about 5 1/2″ in length, then this is your threaded filter.

If your existing filter doesn’t fit these measurements, do not buy this filter. A few Chameleons have an actual drain cap within their wall niche; if you own one of these, you should instead buy the Softub 5010 Snap-On Filter.

Avoid bying the wrong filter by making sure the filter you order is the one that will fit your Softub.

There Are No Exchanges, Returns Or Refunds On Filters!

Please take great care when selecting the right filter for your Softub: there are no returns, exchanges or refunds if you order the wrong filter. This filter with a threaded attachment is only to be used on a specific, older model of Softub that requires a shorter, threaded filter.


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