Scumbug Twin Pack


Devours Scum, Slime and Grime from Pools and Spas.
Buy Two And Save 15%!

Scumbug Twin Pack

Scumbug Oil-Absorbing Sponge Twin Pack
Buy Two And Save 15%!

It works! It’s like a sponge!
But not any sponge…

The Scumbug devours scum, slime and grime from pools and spas .


  • Absorbs 40 times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions. Also loves pollen.
  • Has 300% more surface area than the “Ball” and cannot get clogged in water lines.
  • When one side is scummy, flip it over. When it’s saturated, squeeze out, clean and reuse.
  • Improves filtration and when placed in clean pool or spa, Scumbug helps to eliminate the formation of a scumline.
  • Under normal conditions, SCUMBUG should last an average swimming season.
  • Lasts 4 to 6 months.

Place Scumbug in your pool skimmer (fits all) or allow it to float free in your spa.

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PH: (800) 549-4473 FAX: (651) 653-0989

1 Order = Two Scumbugs


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