Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier

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Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier

Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier

The Nature2 cartridge works within your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine.

It’s a difference you can see, feel, and smell.

Nature2 uses a proprietary mineral system to destroy bacteria. This process allows you to use less chlorine, thereby reducing the potential for odors.

Note! This product does not replace the use of a sanitizer like SoftCare Chlorinating Granules. You will still need to use SoftCare Chlorine or another Sotub-compatible chlorinator. Do not use with Bromine, Bromide, Baquacil, BaquaSpa or copper-based algicides.

• When combined with MPS, such as Nature2 Cense, it offers an EPA-registered non-chlorine or bromine spa sanitizing system.
• Minerals handle the bulk of your water sanitation needs.
• Keep your spa free from harmful bacteria.
• Drops inside the filter cartridge for easy installation.
• Works with chlorine or Cense.
• Reduces need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation.

Directions For Use

Low Chlorine (MPS) Recipe: Test the water with a Nature2 Spa Test Stripj. If the MPS level is low, add 1 tbls of MPS (Shock) per 250 gallons water. Test and repeat. See label or download instructions for more detail.

Chlorine Recipe: As an alternative to MPS (Shock), an EPA registered source of dichlor may be substituted: 1 tablespoon dichlor = approximately 3 tablespoons MPS.

Manufactured by Zodiac Pool Systems.

MSDS & Instructions

Download MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet)

Download Instructions


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