Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier


Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier

Nature2 Mineral Spa Purifier

The Nature2 cartridge works within your existing filter to give you clean, clear water without high levels of chlorine.

It’s a difference you can see, feel, and smell.

Nature2 uses a proprietary mineral system to destroy bacteria. This process allows you to use less chlorine, thereby reducing the potential for odors.

Note! This product does not replace the use of a sanitizer like SoftCare Chlorinating Granules. You will still need to use SoftCare Chlorine or another Sotub-compatible chlorinator. Do not use with Bromine, Bromide, Baquacil, BaquaSpa or copper-based algicides.

• When combined with MPS, such as Nature2 Cense, it offers an EPA-registered non-chlorine or bromine spa sanitizing system.
• Minerals handle the bulk of your water sanitation needs.
• Keep your spa free from harmful bacteria.
• Drops inside the filter cartridge for easy installation.
• Works with chlorine or Cense.
• Reduces need for harsh chemicals; less skin irritation.

Directions For Use

Low Chlorine (MPS) Recipe: Test the water with a Nature2 Spa Test Stripj. If the MPS level is low, add 1 tbls of MPS (Shock) per 250 gallons water. Test and repeat. See label or download instructions for more detail.

Chlorine Recipe: As an alternative to MPS (Shock), an EPA registered source of dichlor may be substituted: 1 tablespoon dichlor = approximately 3 tablespoons MPS.

Manufactured by Zodiac Pool Systems.

MSDS & Instructions

Download MSDS (Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet)

Download Instructions


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