Natural Chemistry Spa Purge Jet & Pipe Cleaner

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Thoroughly but naturally cleans the plumbing system, purging organic build-up.

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Natural Chemistry Spa Purge Jet & Pipe Cleaner

Thoroughly cleans the plumbing system, purging organic build-up.

Restores spa plumbing to its original condition!

Spa Purge attacks the root cause of most spa maintenance problems…the build-up of organic waste contamination. Organic contaminants like oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and sweat concentrate in spa water to produce scum lines, cloudiness, clogged filters, bad odors and foaming.

These contaminants collect and build-up in your spa, circulation system and filter. By purging the spa of this organic build-up, the symptoms of contamination will be reduced or eliminated.

Cleans where you can’t!

  • Removes non-living organic waste deposits from all spa plumbing
  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Restores spa plumbing
  • Attacks root cause of maintenance problems caused by non-living organic contamination


  • 24 hours before a planned drain and refill, remove filter elements and soak in Natural Chemistry’s Filter Perfect. Do not reinstall filter elements until Spa Purge process is complete.
  • With spa water temperature at 95°F or higher, circulation pump running and jets off, add entire contents of 1L Spa Purge bottle to spa water.
  • After 20 minutes, run jets a minimum of ½ hour.
  • The next day, drain, rinse and then refill spa and reinstall filter elements.
  • Proceed with normal spa maintenance.

1 order – one 1 liter bottle


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