Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

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Natural enzymes break down or biodegrade organic materials in your spa. Specially formulated for use in vinyl-lined spas!

Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

Spa Perfect 1 Liter Bottle.

This bottle contains a special Vinyl Liner spa formulation of Spa Perfect. It has been specifically designed to be used with your vinyl lined Softub spa.

Spa Perfect’s SMARTZyme technology eliminates unwanted non-living organic contaminants such as: body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotions, hair products and much more. No more waterline rings, cloudy or unpleasant smelling water. Spa Perfect also works as a continuous cartridge filter cleaner.

Spa Perfect gently breaks down oils that otherwise create cleaning challenges. Spa Perfect breaks down organic contaminants to eliminate chemical odors, skin and eye irritants. Makes water soft and silky Enhances sanitizer effectiveness.

A great natural way to prevent foam is to regularly use an enzyme product like Spa Perfect. We’ve tried a number of enzyme products and Spa Perfect by far offers the most noticeable improvement in spa water.

Why use Spa Perfect enzymes?

Your spa by hot tub water is constantly absorbing organic material from its environment. Spas and hot tubs make this problem worse because they contain a smaller volume of water and much higher water temperatures.

What kind of organic material, you ask?

Organic contaminants come in a wide variety, including body oils, sweat, urea, cosmetics and hair care products, suntan and sunscreen lotions, soaps and deodorants, scented spa oil products and the list goes on!

These organic contaminants build up in your spa or hot tub water. Typically organics have been treated with chlorine or other sanitizing chemicals. Unfortunately, these sanitizers do not do an efficient job of removing organic after-products. Sanitizers like chlorine or bromine oxidize organics and turn them into a sludge-like waste that creates a scum line on your pool walls and filters, creating strong chemical odors and hampering filter performance.

This is where Spa Perfect enzymes shine. Natural enzymes, like those found in your own body, are designed by nature to break down or biodegrade organics. The enzymes in Spa Perfect literally break down organic waste to basic elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are then easily absorbed by the spa or hot tub environment. The result? These enzymes eliminate strong chemical odors, eliminate skin and eye irritation, prevent a scum line, dramatically decrease filter cleaning, reduce spa maintenance, make water feel soft and silky and enhance any sanitizer program.


Use 1 oz per 100 gallons of spa water per week. One capful per week treats a 400 gallon spa. Add twice per week during periods of heavy use. Do not use with or immediately after shocking.

Note: Sanitizer level should be below 5ppm before adding this product.

1 Order = One 1 liter bottle.


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