8555 Great Barrier Microban Filter For June, 2009 Softubs And Older (For 4″ Drain Caps)

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Great Barrier pleats are made with genuine Reemay Advantage with Microban antimicrobial protection. Fits 4″ drain caps, just as the paper 5015 filters do.

Measure Your Filter Carefully! Filters Are Non-Refundable & Non-Returnable! There are two filter sizes, one for a 4″ drain cap and one for a 5 1/2″ drain cap. See the diagrams and disclaimers below.

8555 Great Barrier Microban Filter For June, 2009 Softubs And Older (For 4" Drain Caps)

The 8555 Great Barrier Antimicrobial Microban filter fits Softubs manufactured earlier than July, 2009 It is a superior version of the old paper-pleated Softub 5015 filter – which isn’t bacteria-resistant. The 8555 filter is, and we always recommend using hot tub filters constructed of Microban.

This filter fits around drain caps that measure 4″ across. Only 10% of Softub owners need to use this 8555 filter – so please check your measurements carefully. If your drain cap is NOT 4″ across, you may need to buy a 5 1/2″ 8533 filter.

Great Barrier Microban Pleats: High temperatures and the wet environment make an unprotected filter surface a target for the growth of bacteria. Great Barrier Pleats are made with genuine Reemay Advantage with Microban. Microban antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause staining odors and degradation of the filter. The unique continuous antimicrobial cleaning action of Microban makes the spa filter easier to clean, keeps it fresher between cleanings and ensures filter life.

This filter fits all Softub sizes – T-140, T-220, T-300 – of 2009 and older Softubs.

Check To Purchase The Right Filter!


This filter will fit only Softub Spas made earlier than June, 2009. To make sure you order the right filter, remove the filter you have now. Measure the collar that attaches the filter to your Softub’s drain cap/suction cover. The drain cap will measure roughly 4″ and the filter’s collar opening will also measure approximately 4″. This filter will not fit a Softub made after June, 2009, with the 5 1/2″ drain cap. That later model is the 8553.

Another way to tell if the 8553 is the right filter for your Softub, is to examine your drain cap. The correct drain cap/ suction cover will only have 1 screw securing it to the drain wall flange. The new, incorrect drain cap will have two screws holding it in place.

4″ Drain Cap With 1 Screw:

Avoid buying the wrong filter by making sure that the filter you order is the one that will fit your Softub!

There Are No Exchanges, Returns Or Refunds On Filters!

Please take great care when selecting the right filter for your Softub: there are no returns, exchanges or refunds if you order the wrong filter. Measure both the white drain cap and your filter’s collar/flange: they will both measure either 5 1/2 inches or 4 inches in diameter.

Directions For Use

Removing The Filter: The filter has a hard rubber neck that must be warmed to become soft and flexible before attempting to remove it from the drain cap. Not warming the filter could result in damage to your drain cap. If the tub water is cold or the tub is dry, pour some hot tap water over the filter flange to soften it before gently loosening the filter.

Installing The Filter: The filter has a hard rubber neck that must be warmed to become soft and flexible enuogh to push it onto the drain cap. Soak the filter flange in hot water in your tub or run it under hot water from your sink. Only then make the attempt to push the filter into place.