Foam Pad Hose Cover for Newer (Post 2000) HydroPacks


Insulating Foam Hose Cover For Newer (Post 2000) Softub Connectors Between Digital Hydro Packs And Tubs.

Foam Pad Hose Cover for Newer (Post 2000) HydroPacks

Foam Pad Hose Cover for P-25 and P-26 HydroPacks And “T” Style Tubs.

Foam Hose Cover for the P26/P26 Digital Packs (with the gray digital top control panels). This foam covers both the blue hoses and the new clear air hose between the Softub and the Hydro Pack. The extra hole is for the air control on the newer Softub HydroPacks.

Size: 16 1/4 long by 5 3/4 wide by 4 5/8 thick; the distance between the two largest hoses is 5 3/4.

Identified by two 2 1/2 holes for blue hose and one 1 hole for air control.

Spacing between the blue hoses is 8 1/2 center to center. For 2001 and newer Softubs, T-140, T-220, and T-300.

Unfortunately, the foam cover for the older Softubs P-5 through P-24 are no longer manufactured. You may be able to carve this one to work with the old hose configuration.


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