Softub Drain Cap / Suction Cover Retrofit Replacement Kit for 2009 and Older Softubs (W/O Filter)


Drain Cap / Suction Cover Retrofit Replacement for 2009 and Older Softubs.

Softub Drain Cap / Suction Cover Retrofit Replacement Kit for 2009 and Older Softubs (W/O Filter)

The older 4″ Drain Cap /Suction Cover has been discontinued due to a new government VGB Act, dated 2009. Softub has created a retrofit replacement kit, which will convert your old cap into the newer, slightly larger 5 1/2″ drain cap, which is compatible with their newer, larger filters.

The most common cause of a broken drain cap is attempting to remove the snap-on filter when either the water is cold or the tub is empty. Ambient temperature is usually less than 100 degrees, so the rubber fitting that snaps on to the drain cap is usually hard like plastic. When the Softub’s water is hot, the filter collar fitting becomes pliable like butter and easy to remove. The drain cap will NOT break off during removal if the collar fitting of the snap-on filter is warm.

Installing Your Retrofit Kit

When your drain cap has broken and you need to place an order for a replacement drain cap retrofit kit, your choices can seem confusing. Here’s a more detailed explanation.

The drain caps on Softubs manufactured before July of 2009 are 4″ in diameter. The cap is full of holes like an upside-down colander, but only ONE screw holds the old caps in place.

5015 drain cap do not sell

If your cap is missing completely, check the other one – Softubs have always come with two drains, two caps. You may even want to remove the screw(s) holding your other cap in place to take a look at the fitting beneath, to make sure that you are looking at the original drain wall fitting and not a replacement kit (if you bought your tub used, someone else may already have used a kit on one of the drains).

When the cap breaks off, it usually remains stuck inside your filter’s collar fitting. To get the cap out you need to heat some water and place the filter’s rubber collar in the water to soften the fitting and easily remove the broken drain cap. Unfortunately, your old filter will not work with the new replacement drain cap, so be prepared to switch to the newer 5020 model of filter. Your tub has two suction covers – so you can probably use your old filter on your remaining old style cap.

There will almost always be a white piece of plastic screw remaining attached to the drain flange. Sometimes you need to carefully unscrew the metal locking screw and then unscrew the white insert from the wall flange.

5015 drain cap armature broken

The new retrofit drain cover cap is now 5 1/2″ in diameter. The kit includes all the components you will need to replace both the wall fitting and the drain cover.

Once you’ve replaced the wall fitting, remember to carefully lock the new cap in place using the two metal stainless screws.

Note: Your old filter will not fit on this new suction cover. You will need to order the new 2009 snap-on filter, item no. 5020 for the regular white paper filter (Softub part no. 2003905) or 8553 for the filter with MicroBan (Softub part no. 2003905).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.


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