Softub Drain Cap / Suction Cover (5 1/2″) For 2009 And Newer Softubs


Softub Drain Cap / Suction Cover for 2009 or newer.

Softub Drain Cap / Suction Cover (5 1/2") For 2009 And Newer Softubs

Replacement VGB-Compliant Drain Cap/ Suction Cover for 2009 and newer Softubs. This is the drain cap only (it’s not a retrofit kit for an older model Softub)! It comes with two screws and is approximately 5 1/2″ in diameter.

This new drain cap is compatible with the newer 5020 5 1/2″ Softub filters.

The cap simply screws into the drain wall fitting. If this is your drain wall fitting, then this is the drain cap for you:

New Model Drain Wall Fitting

If you’re missing your drain cap altogether, just check the size of your other drain cap. All Softubs have always had two drains, two caps.

This cap is not a suitable replacement for the older model cap, which is 4″ in diameter (see below). The older 4″ drain caps are no longer available. If you have a broken older style drain cap, 4″ in diameter with only one screw, you can replace both the cap and the drain wall fitting with a new Drain Cap Replacement Retrofit Kit.


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