Thinner Screw-On Replacement Filter For Older Softubs

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This Is The Filter To Use If You Have Broken A Drain Cap. Change your filter when you refill your Softub!

Measure Your Filter Carefully! Filters Are Non-Refundable & Non-Returnable! This filter is to be used only if you have broken off a 4″ drain cap and exposed a threaded pipe. See the diagrams and disclaimers below.

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Thinner Screw-On Replacement Filter For Older Softubs

If at some point you broke off your Drain Cap / Suction Cover, you are already using – or may want to use – a threaded filter that screws into the drain wall fitting mounted in the side of your Softub. The space available to maneuver a filter can be limited near the floor of your Softub, so it’s easiest to use this Thinner Screw-On Replacement Filter for the job. This filter works with all three types of Softub.

This filter has standard 1 x 1/2″ MPT threads.

Check To Purchase The Right Filter!

Thinner Screw-On Measurements

The filter’s format is pictured above. If your existing filter is 5″ in diameter and you screw your filter directly into the wall of your Softub, this is your threaded filter.

If you need this filter, one of the drains on your Softub does not have a drain cap. This may have been by design, or it may be because your drain cap broke off. If you would like to replace your drain cap, check the special section below for more information.

This is a Diamond Filtration 4CH-23DF Threaded Filter.

Note: Because this filter is thinner than the standard Softub filters, your Durasock filter sock will not fit snugly and may even fall off. Try stretching an elastic band around your filter.

There Are No Exchanges, Returns Or Refunds On Filters!

Please take great care when selecting the right filter for your Softub: there are no returns, exchanges or refunds if you order the wrong filter. This filter is only to be used if you have broken off your drain cap and exposed a threaded pipe.

I Want To Fix My Broken Drain Cap / Suction Cover!

If Your Original Drain Cap Was About 5 1/2″ In Diameter: If you have lost or broken the drain cap, you probably just need a 5 1/2″ Drain Cap Replacement. If the white drain wall fitting (which holds the drain cap) is broken (usually one of the screw-holding “tangs”), you will need a new Softub Drain Wall Fitting.


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