Service For Your Softub

Service For Your Softub

We Service HydroPacks And Softub Tubs

If you are looking for service and/or parts for your Softub, we recommend that you first contact your local Softub dealer, who will have access to the parts and expertise to return your Softub to tip-top shape.

We at provide expert service for Softubs at Coastal Softub, our Ventura, CA showroom and service center. Our services include Hydropack repairs, Softub plumbing repairs, “re-skinning” older Softubs, and Softub cover repairs/replacement. All you have to do is drop off your Hydropack or tub – we’ll take it from there.

Softub’s Dealer Finder is here:
Softub has a Technical Support department: 888.870.3882.

A few parts of the Softub tub itself are fairly easy to service yourself and we carry those parts right here on Jet Faces, Filter Retrofit Kits, Suction Drain Covers, Drain Cover Flanges, Hoses & Clamps, Etc.

Call for more details and to arrange to drop off your Hydropack or Softub for repair: 805.654.9000.