Service For Your Softub

Service For Your Softub

If you are looking for service and/or parts for your Softub, we recommend that you first contact your local Softub dealer. You will find it easier to deal with someone local and in person, instead of taking a chance on ordering the wrong parts online or even shipping your HydroPack cross country to have it serviced.

Softub’s Dealer Finder is here:

If you don’t have a local dealer of your own, we can be that for you. We are also Coastal Softub, a local Softub dealer in Ventura, California, serving Softub owners in the 805 area code for almost 20 years.

We carry a full line of Genuine Softub Parts, for your Tub, your Hydropack and your Softub Cover.

If you need a Softub Cover or other Custom Vinyl Products for your Softub and can’t find a local dealer, we can help you.

Hydropack Shipping Box With InsertsHydropack Shipping Box With Inserts

If you have a problem with your Softub and can’t find a local dealer, we can help you find a solution to mechanical problems with your Softub. We offer a Hydropack repair service here in our store – just make arrangements with us, buy a Hydropack Shipping Box from us, then ship us your Hydropack when you receive the box.

Just fill out the contact form below with any pertinent technical details and we will be in touch.


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