Draining & Refilling Your Softub

Softub recommends that you drain and refill your spa every three to four months, depending upon usage.

If you find that you have gone from regularly adding pH Down to adding pH Up, or you have consistently low pH and high alkalinity (or vice versa), you may need to change your water.

We offer a Configurable Refill Kit at a 15% discount, both for the basic refill products (included) and for other (optional) refill-related products such as siphons, pumps, water conditioners, etc.

Check Out Our Refill Kit Here and keep it in mind as you read these instructions.


1. Clean Your Pipes Before You Drain Your Softub

While your old water is still in the tub, you may add a pipe (and vinyl) cleaner to gently dissolve any hidden biological and chemical buildup in your jet system and on your vinyl.

Two products to choose between are Swirl-Away Jet & Pipe Cleaner and Natural Chemistry Spa Purge Jet & Pipe Cleaner. Both are biodegradable, and Spa Purge is enzymatic.

Softub Jet Cleaners


2. Drain Your Softub

Drain your Softub, perhaps using a garden hose as a siphon.

We offer Simple Siphon, a product that makes siphoning your Softub a breeze. Or for quick powerful draining we also carry an electric Submersible Spa Pump

Simple Siphon & Spa Pump


3. Clean Your Softub

Once your spa is drained, you may notice a waterline ring in your tub. Softub recommends removing this by gently applying a soft scrub pad and some baking soda.

For tougher stains, we carry Bioguard Remedy Off The Wall Spa Surface Cleaner.

Rinse the inside of your spa thoroughly after cleaning.

While you’re cleaning the inside of your spa, you’ll probably notice that the outside of your spa needs some work. You can clean your exterior vinyl with Natural Chemistry Clean & Perfect, and protect it from the sun and elements with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

Bioguard Remedy Off The Wall Cleaner


4. Fill Your Softub

Note: Never use soft water to fill your spa. If you do, make sure you add calcium to the water with a product such as Leisure Time Calcium Booster. Soft water can leach minerals out of the vinyl in your spa – a calcium booster will raise the mineral level.

If you are using a garden hose to fill the spa, allow water to run several minutes before you fill your tub in order to flush out any bacteria that may have accumulated in the residual water of the hose.

If you use well water or your water has high levels of metals or particulates, you might consider using a hose filter such as the Great Start Filter. Using a pre-filter to prepare your water will help you to use fewer chemicals to maintain your spa.

Please make sure any wrinkles in the liner are smoothed out and add about 1-2 inches of water. Stop filling and add one tablespoon of Softcare Chlor. When all wrinkles are removed, continue to fill until the water level is about 2 inches above the top of the highest jet.

Great Start Filter


5. Add Metal Gon To Your Water

Install your filter – either your recently-cleaned old filter or a brand new one.

When you first fill your tub the water can contain metals and minerals in it that can stain your liner. Adding several ounces of Softcare Metal Gon when you first fill your tub will neutralize the mineral elements in your water by gathering them together to be caught by your filter.

If your filter becomes a bit brown in the process – great! The Metal Gon is working. You can rinse this material out of your filter and reinstall it.

Metal Gon only needs to be added to your spa when you refill it. Check the directions for the exact amount required for your Softub.

Softcare Metal Gon

6. Balance And Sanitize Your Water

Once you have applied Metal Gon, Softub recommends balancing the pH of your spa water. Wait until your spa has warmed up before adding water balancing and sanitizing chemicals. The chemicals dissolve better in warm water.

Use a test strip to read your pH and Alkalinity levels. If your pH is low, add pH Up. If it is high, add pH Down. Do this gradually by adding a tablespoon at a time until the proper pH level is reached. Check the pH regularly and adjust as needed.

Once you have balanced your water, you are ready to sanitize. Add Softcare Chlor gradually, testing as you reach the proper level. Continue to add chlorine sanitizer to your spa as you normally would and regularly check chlorine levels with a test strip.

At this point, if you use a water conditioner, you may add the conditioner of your choice such as Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect Water Conditioner.

pH Up And pH Down